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Charlie Worsham gears up, with a little help from Vince Gill

With his album Rubberband finally set for release August 20th, Mississippi native Charlie Worsham is excited. “I’m dying for folks to hear it,” he says of the album. And for good reason: It’s his debut, and he’s been working on it for the past three years. We’re sitting in the back lounge on Worsham’s tour bus that’s ... Read More

Pat Green sticking to his musical guns

In his 2009 hit “Country Star,” Texas-born and bred rocker Pat Green toys with the idea of heading to Nashville to “ride shotgun with Kenny, Faith and Tim” and “break all the young girls’ hearts just like Keith Urban.” Soon after the song’s release, the majority of his loyal fans realized the song was a bit of a sarcastic ... Read More

Josh Thompson an unlikely country music star

Josh Thompson was never supposed to end up a country music star. Rather, there was a time when it looked as if the Wisconsin native was destined for a career in concrete — that is, until the day he decided to jump off the truck and pick up a guitar. “My whole family was in the concrete industry, from my father to my grandpa to my uncles ... Read More

Pat Green serves up gritty fare at Joe’s Bar

A Pat Green concert is not for the faint of heart. A show like his takes stamina, spirit and a love of the Texas fringe sound. And the capacity crowd at Green's Saturday gig at Joe's Bar had it all. You could count the cowboy hats on one hand -- Green's iconic kind of country just isn't the hat act kind. Even though he opened with the ... Read More