07/09/2009 9:00 PM

Jim Beam Presents Montgomery Gentry

Location: Joe's

Cost: n/a

 Do not miss this amazing show at Joe’s! This private show is sponsored by Jim Beam and you must win tickets through US99. The parallels between the hard-working, tried-and-true Jim Beam® heritage and the spirit of country music are undeniable. And Jim Beam has been a fan of GRAMMY®-nominated Montgomery Gentry since they kick-started their own career by winning Jim Beam’s national Talent Contest in 1994. Montgomery Gentry have been a cornerstone of one of the most important movements in country music. They sing straightforward lyrics that reflect the reality of modern life. They call their audiences “friends.” A gritty rock edge that has captured the imaginations of fans worldwide, theirs is a world of hard-workin’ anthems: tales of life, work, love, loss and patriotism balanced by the hard-partying spirit that takes the edge off.

Tickets can be won through US99.